Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Search term fun

I was reminded by delicate flower's recent post that I hadn't looked it my own incoming search terms for a while

Here are the edited highlights from the past month. I've left out many of the serious ones.

time wasting games 17 hits - You lazy bastards, no wait.

john martyn 5 hits - Miss him, here's a tune.

red dwarf season x episode y gazillions - I'll have to post more.

trousers to grow into 4 - Hi!
trousers to grow in to 1 - And hel lo to you too!
trouser braces blog 1 - Welcome.

david attenborough trousers
david bowie trousers
flu trousers
mosh trousers
university trousers - The popularity of trousers!

length of trouser in islam
trousers in islam - Erm

ogdens' nut gone celebrated flake 2 hits
ogden's nut gone celebrated flake 1 hit - Ogdens', see here.

wolfram rule 34
wolfram's rule 34
wolfram's 34
rule 34 toothpaste - no it was xkcd, not toothpaste for dinner. See here.

"digital cuttlefish" - great poet go visit!

causes of cross legs urine - A full bladder and no convenience.

demonstration of standing - You need a demo?

dogs drank bloodworms - WTF search of the month

lcross launch video
lro launch video - Er they were on the same rocket.

legs crossed bare - legs crossed fish
vezhaventhan g, jeyaraman r. unusual foreign body in urinary bladder: a case report. the internet journal of urology. 2007;4(2) - Wow, how specific.

motorhead atheist? - You bet

plasma creatures in the sky - WTF No 2

random surfing - You sure must be.

wolfstone - good call.

yorksnbeans - hope you find her.

I have no comment on this lot:
grow breast size
hirsute breast pics
increase breast size without surgery
how to increase boob size without surgery
how to increase breast size without surgery
how to increase breast size without surgery?
how to increase ladies breast
images of woman who had sugery on their puss and breast
increase the size of breast without surgery
increase the size of ur boobs without surgery
japan scientist ringtone breast listen
young ladies breast fully naked
music grows breasts
photo of breast of ladies
raw data+bra size
sergery of ladies
skipping increases breast size
the time breast began to grow what we want to do

And whoever searched for http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p6hy5hw1y6y paste it into the address bar, or don't bother it's not available.

More fun next time.


Andy Holroyd said...

I must add that I do really like
japan scientist ringtone breast listen in a Yoda-esque kind of way.

nursemyra said...

"causes of cross leg urine" sounds like a search that would end up at the gimcrack

Andy Holroyd said...

Similar to yourself nursemyra, I enjoy reading about the odd medical mishap. In a ‘if I don’t laugh, I’ll cry’ kind of way.