Wednesday, 8 July 2009

1971 plane crash survivor tells her story

Leading on from our discussion on surviving a plane crash:

Miracle or Pure Luck?
On the question of miracles

Via Skepchick I found this recent news report:

Survivor still haunted by 1971 air crash.

"She became known as the miracle girl and was hounded by Peruvian media, receiving hundreds of letters from people she had never met before".
Her harrowing story makes no mention of the supernatural though.


yorksnbeans said...

That's about as close to a miracle as anyone could get.

Andy Holroyd said...

A miracle as in 'very improbable', or a miracle as in 'supernatural'?

delicate flower said...

Gee Andy, you're a tough one. Miracle as in very, very improbable. Can't a miracle be defined as something so improbable that we can find no logical answer? ( not rivet issues) One might not need to call it God's work or whoever's- yet we appreciate the jaw dropping wonder of what happened.

Andy Holroyd said...

When I look at a sunset, I know that it's Rayleigh scattering which makes the sky blue. I can see out to the horizon where a gravitationally bound, thermonuclear explosion illuminates the end of the day. I understand from Rayleigh that blue light gets scattered, so more red light comes directly to my eye.

And then a cloud passes and I stand open mouthed at the awesome beauty of nature. Am I missing something?

delicate flower said...

aren't you something! I think you got it.... And, by the way.... nicely stated