Saturday, 28 February 2009

It needs saying - keep on the lookout

Amanda Gefter at New Scientist:

How to spot a hidden religious agenda

Red flag number one: the term "scientific materialism". "Materialism" is most often used in contrast to something else - something non-material, or supernatural. Proponents of ID frequently lament the scientific claim that humans are the product of purely material forces. At the same time, they never define how non-material forces might work. I have yet to find a definition that characterises non-materialism by what it is, rather than by what it is not.
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It was Glastonbury Festival, in about '92. We were strolling through Avalon, nicely chilled, when a blast of music caused unstoppable foot tapping. It's the only time I've seen Wolfstone live, but what an afternoon!

Wolfstone - Tall Ships
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What did she just sing?

It's amazing how our minds can be tricked into mishearing song lyrics, especially when we have a 'translation' to read along with. Last week the Bad Astronomer posted this fine example, Carmina Buraneidolia. Don't follow the link if you're a fan of Carl Orff, you'll never hear Carmina Burana the same again.

Rummaging round the back of the internet I dusted off an old favourite of my own. It still makes me laugh.

The Indian Nipple Song
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Friday, 27 February 2009

Red Dwarf: Series 3 -Episode 5

I never knew this but photographic developing fluid can mutate! With time-bending consequences. Kind'a'like the Daily Prophet on steroids.

Red Dwarf III "Timeslides" (Part 1 of 3)

Take your time sliding below the belt for the rest.

Red Dwarf III "Timeslides" (Part 2 of 3)

Red Dwarf III "Timeslides" (Part 3 of 3)
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Bloodstains - Oh dear!

I read a New Scientist article the other day about crime scene analysis, in particular visual analysis of bloodstains. The study...
"found that the experts got it right 97% of the time, while laypeople guessed correctly in 21% of cases".
There follows a slideshow of ten bloodstains and you have to guess how they formed. I'm no expert but I got 10/10 using reason and experience (Over my lifetime I have seen blood and how it behaves on the outside of a body).

Read the (short) article, study the pictures, then let me know how you rate. Expert or layperson?

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Thursday, 26 February 2009

Strange mood...

I'm thinking about the past too much. Not in any fatalistic way like this:
"You know," said Arthur, "it's at times like this, when I'm trapped in a Vogon airlock with a man from Betelgeuse, and about to die of asphyxiation in deep space that I really wish I'd listened to what my mother told me when I was young."
"Why, what did she tell you?"
"I don't know, I didn't listen."
No, but I was thinking back through things. I thought back this far and gave up; I remembered this song being in the UK top 20 singles charts.

OMFSM. If the video was original it would be OMFFSM.

Napoleon XIV: 'They're coming to take me away'
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Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Powerpool 2

An interesting twist on a well known game. Pool with powerups!
As before, follow the link and then click PLAY THIS GAME!

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25th Feb 2009

Lent started today, what are you giving up?

I'm giving up religion.

Oh, maybe not, I already did that.

Nah, bugger it, I'll give it up again. Grow into these trousers... >>

Yesterday's Monday's conundrum

Note to self: put in the right date when you schedule a post.

Go back for a look if you missed it. OK many will have heard it before, but the only comment I got was in meatspace (and not by the usual guy). So there's a quality pint of TT's Landlord paid on next time he's in the local!

The name for the object in question derives from the Latin for shadow - umbra. It's a brolly. Grow into these trousers... >>

Monday, 23 February 2009

Red Dwarf: Series 3 -Episode 4

Borrowing bodies is not a good thing. I've only just got used to my own.

Red Dwarf III "Bodyswap" (Part 1 of 3)

There's a bulging load of Dwarf below the belt.

Red Dwarf III "Bodyswap" (Part 2 of 3)

Red Dwarf III "Bodyswap" (Part 3 of 3)
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A conundrum

There's a pint on the bar for anyone to answer this:
What goes up a drainpipe down but won't go down a drainpipe up?
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Sunday, 22 February 2009

Text messaging

A report in New Scientist suggests that texting is not harmful to children's literacy. Of course not. The skill of transliteration is as old as language itself, as Ronnie Barker explains.


For the connoisseur of old British comedy, the full sketch is below the belt.

The Two Ronnies - Full Hieroglyphics Sketch
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Game time: Mini-Putt 2

A cross between pool and crazy golf, Mini-Putt 2 can easily waste some time.

As with some other games I can't link directly. Follow the link and then click PLAY THIS GAME! Ignore the 'illegal copy' warning. I guess this is just a ruse to get you to buy the full version where you can have online tournaments. Click 'Practice'.

It's not difficult, but I totally cocked-up on the 17th :)

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A thought for a Sunday

"All people deserve respect, but not all ideas do. I don’t respect the idea that a man was born of a virgin, walked on water, and rose from the dead. I don’t respect the idea that we should follow a ‘Prophet’ who at the age of 53 had sex with a nine-year old girl, and ordered the murder of whole villages of Jews because they wouldn’t follow him.

I don’t respect the idea that the West Bank was handed to Jews by God and the Palestinians should be bombed or bullied into surrendering it. I don’t respect the idea that we may have lived before as goats, and could live again as woodlice. This is not because of “prejudice” or “ignorance”, but because there is no evidence for these claims. They belong to the childhood of our species, and will in time look as preposterous as believing in Zeus or Thor or Baal.

When you demand “respect”, you are demanding we lie to you. I have too much real respect for you as a human being to engage in that charade."
Johann Hari, Why should I respect these oppressive religions? - The Independent, 28 Jan 09.

These words seem to caused rather a storm, especially in India, leading to the arrest of an Indian newspaper editor and it's publisher who reprinted the article. Read Hari's response in The Independent, 13 Feb 09. I think we can tell which side is the upholder of free speech.
Thanks to MediaWatchWatch for the heads up. Grow into these trousers... >>

Saturday, 21 February 2009

Douglas Adams - Last Chance to See

This is a must listen.

The BBC have released the original radio series of Douglas Adams' Last Chance to See. Recorded in the late 1980s it's still a very informative and funny look at the serious subject of endangered species around the world. From the Aye-aye to the Rodrigues fruit bat it covers a lot of ground.

If you don't know this, it's a real treat. Even better is to read the book. Best of all is to listen to the audio book/CD thingie with Adams himself reading and hundreds of photos (if you can get it). That is change of trousers funny in some chapters.

Other good news is that the BBC are doing an update where, this time, zoologist Mark Carwardine is joined by Stephen Fry. I'll keep an eye on that.

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Red Dwarf: Series 3 -Episode 3

The Dwarf is threatened by a shape-changing genetic mutant which feeds on raw emotion. Let's go twat it.

Red Dwarf III - Polymorph (Part 1)

More emotions are lost below the belt.

Red Dwarf III - Polymorph (Part 2)

Red Dwarf III - Polymorph (Part 3)
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Gosh, this brings back some strange memories

It's been a long while; and here is Loudon Wainwright III to remind me exactly why it's been a long while.

The Acid Song

Driving on acid is easy
Driving on acid's a breeze
Just keep the car on the highway
Don't laugh and don't fart and don't sneeze
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Friday, 20 February 2009

A cartoon site I just found

Visit Abstruse Goose for a great laugh. It will help to keep the old mind ticking over too. Like this one, NUM63R5:

Or this, Pi, which reminds me of the old saying:
"A true gentleman is someone who CAN play the bagpipes, but DOESN'T".

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Thursday, 19 February 2009

What could you do?

Between 100 and 175 monkeys

If I had to of course, I don't care much for violence. Grow into these trousers... >>

Wednesday, 18 February 2009

I would like... String Band will do.

I wanted to post something more substantial tonight, I have in idea to take a look at the local history for where I live in the north of England. But to tell that story I really need to take some photographs. Hmm, well first I need to buy a decent camera. Before that I need to budget for the expense. This could take some time, so while you are waiting enjoy this track :)

The Incredible String Band - The Minotaur's Song
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Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Red Dwarf: Series 3 -Episode 2

Which would you choose? Soggy smokey bacon crisps, mustard powder, water biscuits, a brown lemon, bottle of vinegar, Bonjela gum ointment, a pot noodle or a tin of dog food.
I should run a poll.

Red Dwarf III "Marooned" (Part 1 of 3)

Dip under here for the rest.

Red Dwarf III "Marooned" (Part 2 of 3)

Red Dwarf III "Marooned" (Part 3 of 3)
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Monday, 16 February 2009

John Martyn ramps up the echo

John Martyn - I'd Rather be the Devil
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Sunday, 15 February 2009

Red Dwarf: Series 3 -Episode 1

It's Red Dwarf Day! 21 years since this bunch of slobs and misfits first aired on UK TV. There's no point in following this link to the first ever episode, because the entertainment police have visited first. Likewise series 2 episode 6 which I was going to post next in series. So let's move on because...

Series 3 begins with one of the best episodes ever, Kryten is back as a permanent cast member and Holly boots up a female personality. Then there is the 'bar room tidy'.

Red Dwarf-BACKWARDS-part 1

The fun continues below the belt.

Red Dwarf-BACKWARDS-part 2

Red dwarf-BACKWARDS-part 3
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A thought for a Sunday - Richard Feynman

I can live with doubt, and uncertainty, and not knowing. I think it's much more interesting to live not knowing than to have answers which might be wrong. I have approximate answers, and possible beliefs, and different degrees of certainty about different things, but I’m not absolutely sure of anything, and in many things I don’t know anything about, such as whether it means anything to ask why we’re here, and what the question might mean. I might think about a little, but if I can’t figure it out, then I go to something else. But I don’t have to know an answer. I don’t feel frightened by not knowing things, by being lost in a mysterious universe without having any purpose, which is the way it really is, as far as I can tell, possibly. It doesn’t frighten me.
Richard Phillips Feynman (May 11, 1918 – February 15, 1988), from The Pleasure of Finding Things Out (1999) edited by Jeffery Robbins. See also here. Grow into these trousers... >>

Saturday, 14 February 2009

I iz chillin

The album version of John Martyn's extra cool Solid Air:

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Red Dwarf: Series 2 -Episode 5

The abilities of Holly, the shipboard computer, are called into question and he is replaced by a sinister backup personality.

Red Dwarf II "Queeg" (Part 1 of 3)

As ever, the juicy bits are below the belt.

Series 2 Episode 5
Red Dwarf II "Queeg" (Part 2 of 3)

Series 2 Episode 5
Red Dwarf II "Queeg" (Part 3 of 3)
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Oh Wow - flashback in time...

Yes, its Lemmings. Still as insanely suicidal as they ever were. I ♥ Lemmings.

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I'm changing/updating my blogroll and podcasts. Normal service will resume soon etc.

In the meantime have a happy Valentine’s Day but beware of the dangers.

Thanks to Unreasonable Faith. Grow into these trousers... >>

Friday, 13 February 2009

God & the Universe

This is the last of Richard Dawkins' short videos which I'm posting to celebrate Charles Darwin's bicentennial.

Harrumph, and the only one of this series I have much of a gripe with. Watch it first; YouTube or hi-res:

Dawkins asks "Has human evolution come to an end?" [0:59]. The answer to that question is a simple no.

Like all living things humanity is a halfway house between what was before and what is to come. All life balances on the edge between change and extinction. Brain size and fecundity are not the sole answer and given the fate of the dinosaurs, luck has large part to play. Grow into these trousers... >>

Aww, who says all life is not interconnected?

This is the loveliest link I've seen for ages.

Thanks to arboreal Nephropidae* via Skepchick. I am heartwarmed.

* Tree Lobsters. Wikipedia needs updating. Grow into these trousers... >>

Evolution in a minute

Seed Magazine has an interesting series of articles to mark Darwin Day but this remarkable video is worth a look above all.

From its formation 4.6 billion years ago, the video follows the history of the Earth noting evolutionary milestones on the way. Then, zzzip, they compresses the timescale to fit everything into 1 minute.

This screenshot is at about 30 seconds - there's a lot about to happen in the next 30.--------------------------
Via Pharyngula. Grow into these trousers... >>

Thursday, 12 February 2009

Red Dwarf: Series 2 -Episode 4

A stasis leak offers an opportunity to time travel. Of course, if it's happened, it's happened.

Red Dwarf ~ Stasis Leak ~ Pt 1 of 3

For the rest, dive below...

Red Dwarf ~ Stasis Leak ~ Pt 2 of 3

Red Dwarf ~ Stasis Leak ~ Pt 3 of 3
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Happy birthday Charles Darwin

Now click over to Richard Wiseman's blog for a great Darwin illusion thing. Grow into these trousers... >>

On Creationism

Part 4 of Dawkins on Darwin on YouTube or on hi res.

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Bus slogans - a new twist

You've seen the atheist bus adverts I'm sure, but many other groups are finding this a good way to bring their message to a wider audience:

Or the default:
Now go spread your words of truth. Grow into these trousers... >>

Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Why Darwin Was Right

More from Richard Dawkins in recognition of the legacy of Charles Darwin.

If you prefer, here's the hi res.

Why Darwin Was Right [2:07]
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What's the odds o'this?

Practice your hold'em and lay a bet on the outcome.

But this is not poker nor are there any links to gambling sites. This is a Flash game that lets you see all the hands and bet on each deal. You will have to play the odds with care. You can bet on each or any hand at each turn of the cards, but that can get expensive. Be shrewd as in 5a.

Newgrounds Hold'em
Note: follow the link and then click PLAY THIS GAME! I can't link directly.

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Reasons To Be Cheerful

Ian Dury & The Blockheads - Reasons To Be Cheerful Part 3

Sorry couldn't find parts 1 and 2. Grow into these trousers... >>

Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Fossils & Darwin

Richard Dawkins continues his series of short videos:

Watch on YouTube or go here for hi-res.

Richard Dawkins on Fossils & Darwin
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Sometimes I just need a memory jogger...

So thanks to Rebecca* at for the Noah's Flood - debunked link. Just what I needed to remind me of Potholer54 and his alternative channel Potholer54debunks on YouTube.

In 10 min chunks Potholer54 can lead you through some very complex avenues of thought with great clarity and economy of words and images. See Noah's Flood above or watch

History of the Universe Made Easy (Part 1)

See the rest: From Big Bang to Us -- Made Easy

Below the belt I'll tuck in another from Potholer54debunks, One Atheist's Creed. I agree utterly
*Rebecca Watson is a regular on the panel of Skeptics’ Guide to the Universe and on the Skepchick Podcast. Note: it seems traditional to break out the booze before listening to Rebecca :)
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Monday, 9 February 2009

Red Dwarf: Series 2 -Episode 3

Series 2, episode 2 has evaporated so let's move on and say Thanks for the Memory.

Red Dwarf II "Thanks for the Memory" (Part 1 of 3)

Red Dwarf II "Thanks for the Memory" (Part 2 of 3)

Red Dwarf II "Thanks for the Memory" (Part 3 of 3)
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There is some sanity.

In the comments to yesterday's post on MMR vaccine, Liz Ditz sent a link to her overview of web responses to the Wakefield issue. It's an impressive list and well worth a visit. It's good to know there are so many people who will speak up for evidence and reason.

One thing I'd like to know though, and not to put too fine a point on it, why do anti-vaxers invariably come across as nutjobs? Grow into these trousers... >>

The Importance of Charles Darwin

In 2009 the science of evolutionary biology sees two major celebrations. On November 24th it will be 150 years since the publication of On the Origin of Species by Charles Darwin, and this Thursday (12th February) would have been Darwin's 200th birthday. Were he only still here to marvel at the advancements made in the biological sciences following his insight into the interconnectedness of living things.

Here's Richard Dawkins in a short [2:07] video on 'The Importance of Charles Darwin'. Watch it on YouTube or go to National Geographic for hi res.

More of these short videos to come. Thanks to Sandwalk for pointing them out. Grow into these trousers... >>

Sunday, 8 February 2009

Anyone for 10 pin?

Click 'New game' or play full screen.

Addicting Games, Mini Games, Flash Games to cure your boredom!
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MMR / autism - Original data fraudulent?

After last Friday's report of the worrying rise in cases of measles in the UK, the Times Online today publishes an investigation into the doctor responsible for causing the initial fears about the MMR vaccine and its (non-existent) link to autism.

In February 1998 Andrew Wakefield published a paper in The Lancet following 12 children after their MMR jabs. The Times Online continues:
It claimed that the families of eight out of 12 children attending a routine clinic at the hospital had blamed MMR for their autism, and said that problems came on within days of the jab. The team also claimed to have discovered a new inflammatory bowel disease underlying the children’s conditions.
However, our investigation, confirmed by evidence presented to the General Medical Council (GMC), reveals that: In most of the 12 cases, the children’s ailments as described in The Lancet were different from their hospital and GP records. Although the research paper claimed that problems came on within days of the jab, in only one case did medical records suggest this was true, and in many of the cases medical concerns had been raised before the children were vaccinated. Hospital pathologists, looking for inflammatory bowel disease, reported in the majority of cases that the gut was normal. This was then reviewed and the Lancet paper showed them as abnormal.
This is damning stuff if true. Following Wakefield's paper children's vaccination rates fell from over 90% to less than 80%. About 95% is needed to ensure group immunity, hence the increase in cases of measles.

However the end of BBC link above reveals:
Dr Wakefield is still adamant that the scientific results of his 1998 study are still valid. In a statement, he said: "The clinical and pathological findings in these children stand as reported." He has welcomed moves by the General Medical Council to examine how he carried out his research. "I not only welcome this, I insist on it," he said.
Good, nothing to worry about then. Except the findings reported by the Times.
For more, see the full Times article, and read Orac's response at Respectful Insolence.
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A thought for a Sunday

"Science is not a monument of received Truth but something that people do to look for truth.

That endeavor, which has transformed the world in the last few centuries, does indeed teach values. Those values, among others, are honesty, doubt, respect for evidence, openness, accountability and tolerance and indeed hunger for opposing points of view. These are the unabashedly pragmatic working principles that guide the buzzing, testing, poking, probing, argumentative, gossiping, gadgety, joking, dreaming and tendentious cloud of activity — the writer and biologist Lewis Thomas once likened it to an anthill — that is slowly and thoroughly penetrating every nook and cranny of the world.

Nobody appeared in a cloud of smoke and taught scientists these virtues. This behavior simply evolved because it worked".
Dennis Overbye
Elevating Science, Elevating Democracy - The New York Times, 26 Jan 09
Thanks to Cosmic Variance, among others. Grow into these trousers... >>

Saturday, 7 February 2009

Red Dwarf: Series 2 -Episode 1

Unfortunately all of Series 1 of Red Dwarf has succumbed to the deadly 'terms of use' virus which infects YouTube. So my older links don't work :(

Never mind The Boys From The Dwarf are back in series 2. This is the first time we meet Kryten who promptly vanishes till series 3.

Series 2 Episode 1
Red Dwarf ~ Kryten ~ Pt 1 of 3

Series 2 Episode 1
Red Dwarf ~ Kryten ~ Pt 2 of 3

Series 2 Episode 1
Red Dwarf ~ Kryten ~ Pt 3 of 3
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I am average

Well that's nice to know.
Take the Triangle IQ challenge to see how you rate.

I just had another go and I definitely improve with age.
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Friday, 6 February 2009

My marriage in a nutshell - by John Martyn OBE

IVe been out for the firtst time in ages and ahd an nice watering on Tim Taylors Landlord.

This shoulld br a 'Weeing down my trouser leg' post but '''k it

John Martyn - Bless the Weather

Best wishes lass, where'ere thou art. Grow into these trousers... >>

A disturbing trend

Measles is potentially a very serious illness and it is worrying to see the rise in cases over recent years.

Much of this is because some parents decline to have their children vaccinated due to misplaced fears about side effects. These fears, originally caused by poor scientific studies and heightened by inappropriate media reporting, eventually found so called 'celebrity endorsement'.
Thus the myths are still being propagated.

Today, the Lay Scientist links to a radio broadcast of some idiot woman ranting against the MMR vaccine. She compares her decision not to vaccinate her children to "standing alone under a tree in a field". The trouble is lady, there's a thunderstorm coming.

Children die from the measles. Grow into these trousers... >>

Thursday, 5 February 2009

This has been done before, but...

I just took a look at the blog stats for the past month and was surprised to see how much search engine traffic I'm getting. Most of the searches are quite normal and I hope people find something close to what they are looking for, especially everyone searching for John Martyn recently. I will be posting more by John soon.

Wolfram's rule is still going strong, and there are a few Incredible String Band fans. Hi!

Some searches are rather more original, here's a look:
sodomy is not just for animals - True, but I guess you were looking for this song.

55 sex position - It's in this book.

amazing light up trousers - Can be arranged, see 'mariuhana trousers' below.

authentic unicorn photos - Nope, but I have a bridge I could sell you. (Note: here's an authenic not-a-unicorn photo)

bedtime games - Almost.

best first time sex positions - At the other's place, parents away for the weekend.

bleeze buck africa - Breeze blocks for Africa, a new campaign.

dance trousers ozone - Lager, oops, dry cleaning.

girl trousers being pulldown - I've never heard of 'Girl Trousers Being' nor would I pull her down.

god will provide proverb rooftop dinghy - God provided old joke long ago.

grow a shoe at george bush - Misspelling of the month? Throw a shoe at George Bush yeah.

haven't done with you - I haven't started yet.

how do you pronounce aequorea - Just as it sounds.

i bought a praying mantis. it was atheist - I bought a Venus' fly trap and got my trousers caught. But there's a stick insect atheist here at no.9.

intellectual development in religion - Almost an oxymoron.

it covers trousers with sanity - Thank you.

mariuhana trousers - Hemp fibre is very durable but I really love the thought of smokeable clothing.

michelangelo trousers - Michelangelo came out of his shell? What did Leonardo say?

pictures of warlocks in the mirk - Nothing but mental imagery.

trousers of egypt - I could be Rameses the second in these trousers.

weher can i buy a dance trouses - Dance trouses weher you find em!
I'll post more search fun again :) Grow into these trousers... >>

Cool acoustic guitar

Don't know this guy, Andy McKee, but he sure can shuffle his fingers.

Andy McKee - Guitar - Tight Trite Night (Don Ross)

Hmm, I'll have to look up more Andy McKee and Don Ross who wrote the piece. Grow into these trousers... >>

Wednesday, 4 February 2009

It's game time

Alpha Assault.

Protect your blue tile from the encroaching red by highlighting words in the grid. This is not easy! Grow into these trousers... >>

Look Around You - Pilot Episode

Digging down the back of the internet I found this fluff covered sucked sweet which turned out to be the first time the intrepid Look Around You team brought their extensive knowledge into the public domain. The pilot episode:

Look Around You - Calcium (pilot episode) Part 1

Part two is below the belt.

Look Around You - Calcium (pilot episode) Part 2
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OK - one more Testing

A quick update on mp3 player embedding. For me the Yahoo mp3 player works spot on every time. So I'm going to try it again. The player is OK but there's no volume control (just mute) and the colour skinning is limited to say the best, see below.

Just so I don't use up all my free bandwidth on one track here's us guys again:

ABandinUrHead, with our take of the old Animals classic.

You can play it dark

You can have light

Or you can add a bit of fancy to light

I think I'll go with dark after all, and I like the rounded corners. Damn, I'll have to make another download button now!. Grow into these trousers... >>

Testing - Testing - Again

After posting my idea for an 'in blog' mp3 player I found it doesn't work reliably in Internet Explorer (it works fine when I preview but when it's posted it fails). Also my free upload was very short lived. If I had my own domain name I guess things would be easier. Anyway, I will try to solve the IE problem otherwise it spoils a good idea. Damn the browser wars!

For hosting this time I'm using FileDen, you have to register but it's free.

I had also missed something else important, a download link, so I made a button, or should I say a clickable image 'coz it's not animated yet. Clicking it should give you the option to save the mp3 (If you want to of course, can't blame you if not).

So let's try out some ideas, and I'd really appreciate some feedback. What works or doesn't for you, what browser are you using (Firefox 3.0.5 for me) etc.

Ok, here's where we were last time. The track is Heaven's Fool, first using the Google Reader player. I like this the best, I think it looks slick and it has a volume control. But if it doesn't work then boot it!

This is the Odeo player - IE6 doesn't display this for me, it's fine in Firefox.

Yahoo player - This works for me in both Firefox and IE6 so I still have hope. The colours are a bit dark, but it seems you can change them, and there's no volume control. Bummer.

So let's see what happens when I post this. Grow into these trousers... >>

Monday, 2 February 2009

Red Dwarf: Series 1 -Episode 3

The sound's not too good on this episode but the comedy is great. Lister aims to outrank Rimmer by taking the chef's exam.

Red Dwarf: Balance of Power 1 of 3

Parts 2 and 3 are below the belt.

Red Dwarf: Balance of Power 2 of 3

Red Dwarf: Balance of Power 3 of 3
Grow into these trousers... >>

Charles Darwin and the Tree of Life

David Attenborough's documentary on Charles Darwin and evolutionary biology aired last night. As a televisually impaired person (no TV) I've just caught up on the BBC's iPlayer. And it's well worth seeing. Lavish modern footage is intercut with excerpts from Attenborough's earlier works to guide us through Darwin's scientific insight. Here and there though some topics are a bit rushed but given the 60 min time slot this is perhaps understandable. I would have liked a more convincing explanation of the way radiometric dating shows the age of rocks, but then the development of the eye is covered quite adequately. After that we are very quickly bounced from Gregor Mendel to DNA analysis but Attenborough pulls a great finale out of the bag. The short sequence below comes towards the end and recapitulates evolutionary history.

Thanks to The Lay Scientist for pointing out the link.

The Tree of Life.
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Sunday, 1 February 2009

I should not laugh

But the blog address chosen by UK Conservative Councillor Richard Willis (Reading Borough Council representing Peppard ward since 2007) should have been better thought out. Richard Willis UK?

Shades of the Scunthorpe problem? Grow into these trousers... >>

Testing - Testing

This could be fun.
I've been playing around trying to embed an mp3 player in the blog and I think I may have sussed it. It's dead easy, if it works...

Here's Heaven's Fool by ABandinUrHead featuring yours truly on bass:

Now if that plays for you we are on a winner! Here's how it works.

I uploaded HeavensFool.mp3 to and noted the URL.
Upload MP3 is a free hosting service and I didn't register, so this upload may be short lived. Just testing the idea.

So you have the URL ie: copy the code below and paste it into your blog as text/html, not forgetting to update the address.
<embed type="application/x-shockwave-flash" src="" width="400" height="27" allowscriptaccess="never" quality="best" bgcolor="#ffffff" wmode="window" flashvars="playerMode=embedded" />
Let me know if it works for you. Anyone fancy a podcast? Grow into these trousers... >>

A thought for a Sunday

Some things just make you feel good.

Via Gaboo’s Happy Time Place. Grow into these trousers... >>