Thursday, 5 February 2009

This has been done before, but...

I just took a look at the blog stats for the past month and was surprised to see how much search engine traffic I'm getting. Most of the searches are quite normal and I hope people find something close to what they are looking for, especially everyone searching for John Martyn recently. I will be posting more by John soon.

Wolfram's rule is still going strong, and there are a few Incredible String Band fans. Hi!

Some searches are rather more original, here's a look:

sodomy is not just for animals - True, but I guess you were looking for this song.

55 sex position - It's in this book.

amazing light up trousers - Can be arranged, see 'mariuhana trousers' below.

authentic unicorn photos - Nope, but I have a bridge I could sell you. (Note: here's an authenic not-a-unicorn photo)

bedtime games - Almost.

best first time sex positions - At the other's place, parents away for the weekend.

bleeze buck africa - Breeze blocks for Africa, a new campaign.

dance trousers ozone - Lager, oops, dry cleaning.

girl trousers being pulldown - I've never heard of 'Girl Trousers Being' nor would I pull her down.

god will provide proverb rooftop dinghy - God provided old joke long ago.

grow a shoe at george bush - Misspelling of the month? Throw a shoe at George Bush yeah.

haven't done with you - I haven't started yet.

how do you pronounce aequorea - Just as it sounds.

i bought a praying mantis. it was atheist - I bought a Venus' fly trap and got my trousers caught. But there's a stick insect atheist here at no.9.

intellectual development in religion - Almost an oxymoron.

it covers trousers with sanity - Thank you.

mariuhana trousers - Hemp fibre is very durable but I really love the thought of smokeable clothing.

michelangelo trousers - Michelangelo came out of his shell? What did Leonardo say?

pictures of warlocks in the mirk - Nothing but mental imagery.

trousers of egypt - I could be Rameses the second in these trousers.

weher can i buy a dance trouses - Dance trouses weher you find em!
I'll post more search fun again :)

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