Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Testing - Testing - Again

After posting my idea for an 'in blog' mp3 player I found it doesn't work reliably in Internet Explorer (it works fine when I preview but when it's posted it fails). Also my free upload was very short lived. If I had my own domain name I guess things would be easier. Anyway, I will try to solve the IE problem otherwise it spoils a good idea. Damn the browser wars!

For hosting this time I'm using FileDen, you have to register but it's free.

I had also missed something else important, a download link, so I made a button, or should I say a clickable image 'coz it's not animated yet. Clicking it should give you the option to save the mp3 (If you want to of course, can't blame you if not).

So let's try out some ideas, and I'd really appreciate some feedback. What works or doesn't for you, what browser are you using (Firefox 3.0.5 for me) etc.

Ok, here's where we were last time. The track is Heaven's Fool, first using the Google Reader player. I like this the best, I think it looks slick and it has a volume control. But if it doesn't work then boot it!

This is the Odeo player - IE6 doesn't display this for me, it's fine in Firefox.

Yahoo player - This works for me in both Firefox and IE6 so I still have hope. The colours are a bit dark, but it seems you can change them, and there's no volume control. Bummer.

So let's see what happens when I post this.

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Mark said...

Can`t hear a thing !!