Friday, 27 February 2009

Bloodstains - Oh dear!

I read a New Scientist article the other day about crime scene analysis, in particular visual analysis of bloodstains. The study...

"found that the experts got it right 97% of the time, while laypeople guessed correctly in 21% of cases".
There follows a slideshow of ten bloodstains and you have to guess how they formed. I'm no expert but I got 10/10 using reason and experience (Over my lifetime I have seen blood and how it behaves on the outside of a body).

Read the (short) article, study the pictures, then let me know how you rate. Expert or layperson?

[No corpuscles were deliberately harmed during the writing of this post]

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Anonymous said...

Hi Andy this is your famous offline commenter sneaking online! I managed 9 out of 10 & am thinking of joining CSI. How hard can it be...