Saturday, 12 March 2011

Crack, crunch!

The Gypsy has just told me that, during heavy winds yesterday, a tree has fallen onto the pub where our band is based. See here.

PCSO Orham Yigit outside the George Pub, Cleckheaton after a tree fell into it
Photo credit: The Spenborough Guardian.

Looking at the photo that window is in the main concert room, next to the stage and on my side too! Thank goodness it was in the morning and not when there was a 'do' going on. No one was hurt but it makes you think. We used to rehearse in that room and leave the gear set up unless there was another function coming up. Recently the owners have let use use a back room, which is much more cozy for practice than an empty hall, and all our gear was in there. I guess I'll see the damage when I go down tomorrow afternoon.

Note: The band's website is taking shape (thanks 'Techno'), just waiting for a bunch of new photos (thanks Neil) and hopefully a couple of tracks for download. Soon... Grow into these trousers... >>

Thursday, 3 March 2011

Late Night Music

I just tripped across this tune by the late great Jerry Garcia. We are just learning this in the band. Thin Lizzy made it famous, but we do a punked up full on rock version (Metallica, poop).

But here is a proper version :

Jerry Garcia-Whiskey in the Jar
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