Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Sometimes I just need a memory jogger...

So thanks to Rebecca* at Skepchick.org for the Noah's Flood - debunked link. Just what I needed to remind me of Potholer54 and his alternative channel Potholer54debunks on YouTube.

In 10 min chunks Potholer54 can lead you through some very complex avenues of thought with great clarity and economy of words and images. See Noah's Flood above or watch

History of the Universe Made Easy (Part 1)

See the rest: From Big Bang to Us -- Made Easy

Below the belt I'll tuck in another from Potholer54debunks, One Atheist's Creed. I agree utterly
*Rebecca Watson is a regular on the panel of Skeptics’ Guide to the Universe and on the Skepchick Podcast. Note: it seems traditional to break out the booze before listening to Rebecca :)

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