Wednesday, 18 February 2009

I would like... String Band will do.

I wanted to post something more substantial tonight, I have in idea to take a look at the local history for where I live in the north of England. But to tell that story I really need to take some photographs. Hmm, well first I need to buy a decent camera. Before that I need to budget for the expense. This could take some time, so while you are waiting enjoy this track :)

The Incredible String Band - The Minotaur's Song


duncanr said...

Years since I heard this track from the Incredible String Band. Used to have all their albums and would spend hours retuning my guitar to the weird settings they used trying to play their songs.

JM and the ISB on the one blog - that's really given me a big nostalgia trip this morning.

First time I've come across another bugger that likes the same music I do - are we related by any chance ???

Andy Holroyd said...

ISB were quite formative for me as my consciousness emerged in the early 70’s. I had all the albums too. Have you seen the 'Live At The Lowry' DVD (2004)? I was there, you can hear me shouting 'moar' at the end :)

JM, well what's to say? NobblySan hinted you had a taste for JM OBE RIP, and so do I.
Solo, with Danny Thompson or with a full band, if John was in the mood it was awesome. I have seen him lose his rag on stage though, ie sacking the guy on the sound desk while he was on stage (Irish centre Leeds, sometime in the early 90’s).

I’ll be posting more tracks as I can, depends on the activity of the entertainment police at YouTube.

As to being related, dunno. Perhaps your upbringing was different to mine, but you may enjoy this book.

Anonymous said...

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