Saturday, 4 July 2009

A hectic weekend

Things are really busy round here just now. It's Cleckheaton Folk Festival this weekend and tonight I'm joining in with a crowd of other musicians for a mass jamming session, then our band is playing live tomorrow, as part of the counterinsurgent NAFF (Not a F**king Folk) Festival for those who are not enamoured of the folk music idiom.

We're doing this for free to raise cash towards the next project. Sending 5 bands, a mobile stage, lighting rig and a 20kW sound system to a military base near Newcastle. The guys there will soon be leaving for a tour of duty in Afghanistan and we want to throw them a huge party before they go.

I am not in favour of warfare but when orders are given I fully support our troops. On the ground, water or in the air, I wish them all a safe return.


Mark said...

I Hope it all went well and you raised lots of lolly for the forthcoming concert, very worthy cause.

Andy Holroyd said...

Most of it's paid for or donated, however we were hoping to afford a coach for the bands. Maybe not, it looks like two minibusses and a van.