Thursday, 30 July 2009

A rather amazing optical illusion

Via Amazing Illusions.

Who do you see? Well it's old Albert E. obviously. Now get up and back away from your monitor, as far as you can. Who is it now?


yorksnbeans said...

COOL!! :-)

Andy Holroyd said...

Somewhere I have a slide which explains this effect... But I can't find it!

Roughly; close up you see the fine detail, and it looks like Einstein. Further away, your eye can't distinguish the detail and the blur of Marilyn Monroe comes through.

A brilliant way to tease our perception.

M.L. said...

Ummm - am I crazy (maybe not best for you to try and answer) or did I just see Marilyn Monroe?

That was just...

*rubs eyes*

Okay - too weird.


Andy Holroyd said...

Weird is the word M.L., I love sensory tricks like this one.