Thursday, 27 May 2010

Science fiction comes one step closer

A vertical take off rocket engine which can hover, but then it shuts down and re-ignites the engine in flight! Truly awesome engineering to maintain control and attitude. I can't get over how important this is. Conserving fuel in the decent phase of a spacecraft lander is, well, crucial. Especially if you need to be able to lift off again.

Xombie flying rocket shuts down and restarts in mid-air

It's akin to one of these little babies:

Masten Space Lunar Lander Challenge Flight 2

I am impressed.


dave hambidge said...

Andy, I'm way too long past ALevel physics to have any idea of the technology, but I do like rockets! In the first, I've seen softer landings. In the second, seems damn close to big aeroplanes? Much enjoyed, tar.

Andy Holroyd said...

I love rockets as well.

The first landing is a bit of a bump and something falls off :)

In the second, notice there's someone standing between the landing pad and the aircraft. They must really trust their technology.