Saturday, 15 May 2010

My thoughts are all contorted about this

I was sent this as an email attachment (thanks Mark) and it has to be seen to be believed. Subject: America Got Talent 1944....wait till you see the end!

Yes, watch it and give your opinion. I could lean either way but I always stand on my own feet. Some people do handstands to get on in the world but I'd just end up with my head up my arse. Not these girls though:

Ross sisters - Solid Potato Salad (VHS quality)


dave hambidge said...

I could ask who found this, how and what search words were used? AS Loon would say, if anyone farts in the last sequence...

Andy Holroyd said...

It was an email FW:FW:FW:... so I don't know where it originated.

And yes, don't fart!

NobblySan said...

That is just waaaay too creepy.

Who needs CGI......?