Sunday, 9 May 2010

Before the Internet !?!

Fresh back from holiday, Dave HAMBO Hambidge asked “What did we do before the internet explosion?

Well Dave, I played ‘Space Invaders’. Click the image if you really want a game now.

Then, a few years later, there was Elite which had groundbreaking 3D graphics. We found 3 people were optimal to play Elite. One pilot, one gunner and the other taking a break before the next shift rotation. And so we would play for 12 or 18 hours (or more sometimes) all one game. Click the image for a download (crappy colour version though).

And there were these things called books which I understand are still popular.

Medieval helpdesk with English subtitles


dave hambidge said...

Andy, that video is a treat, really started our day with a hoot! I will try and get others to call by to enjoy later. HAND.

Andy Holroyd said...

The vid is sheer genius.

Laura said...

Before internet? Hmm... that would have been "mom at home with little kids' time.. I read, and read and read..
Now.. I seem to be glued to my laptop!

Andy Holroyd said...

Laura, I used to read all the time as a youngster. There was mobile library which visited the village, basically a big van with bookshelves. I devoured half of that and then realised I could request titles, so by 12 or 14 I was on HG Wells, Mark Twain and science textbooks.

Nowadays I'm about 30% printed reading (books and newspapers), 60% online (news and blogs etc) and 10% audio books (I need my bed-time story). Times change.