Friday, 21 May 2010

I missed this yesterday

Sure, I knew it was Everybody Draw Mohammed Day. You could hardly miss the promotion all over the tubes, notably: Facebook, YouTube, Wikipedia and Flickr. Which inevitably lead to the sites being banned in Pakistan; the 21st century equivalent of book burning.

To me, childish cartoons based on an ancient fable hardly warrant attention, though I uphold people's freedom to draw whatever they wish. I do not uphold the 'freedom' to issue threats of death or violence against such artists, or indeed anyone else.

I decided not to comment and thought it too trivial... That was until I saw the contribution from a true master:

Game, set and match to JC.


dave hambidge said...

Make friends, loose friends; blogolake is big enough for all, including the very naughty, ouch!!

Andy Holroyd said...

Jesus and Mo is a great cartoon.