Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Pagan Police get holiday time

"Police officers have been given the right to take days off to dance naked on the solstices, celebrate fertility rituals and burn Yule logs if they profess pagan beliefs".
Reports the Times.

This is a good thing and I heartily approve. The old festivals need to remembered and celebrated. Helpfully, The Freethinker has a list of the main Pagan festivals which include:
Beltane — on April 30/May 1, pagan and Wicca worshippers celebrate the Sun god. In Celtic times it was an opportunity for unabashed sexuality and promiscuity
and also
Litha — or summer solstice. Members drink mead and dance naked to celebrate the harvest
It's good to know what our Police officers do on their days off!


dave hambidge said...

Equality makes further progress against the established state religions, good news. But aren't there quite a few old celebration days, they'll never be on duty!

Andy Holroyd said...

Well if we include the Roman festival of Saturnalia (Dec 17 to 23), with days in liue for Yule and the winter solstice, then Christmas (which is based on paganism anyway - 24-26 Dec), take the days in liue and straight into the traditional Hogmanay. Wow that's about two weeks off!

dave hambidge said...

Andy an excellent time of year not to be a copper on britland streets!

Duncanr said...

It took them a while but nice to see the reporters on The Times finally caught up with the Madhatters


Andy Holroyd said...

Good one Duncan. I think the delay in reporting it is because the new hols only come into operation from this month