Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Without God, how can we have sexual morals?

The wonderful Greta Christina gives this excellent talk on the nature of human sexuality as seen from a non-religious viewpoint. She is open, funny, and has some great ideas. Go watch...

Greta Christina on Atheism & Sexuality

See other videos by Jennifer McCreight on Vimeo.

Warning 1! It's 90 mins long and once you start you may be hooked. I was.

Warning 2! Beware of broccoli.

From Jen @ Blag Hag via Pharyngula.


just jill said...

this is very interesting, Andy. I'm at 20 minutes, but I have to leave. I'll be back. I'm not an atheist but she brings up some very interesting questions.

Andy Holroyd said...

The whole subject of morals and moral behaviour is something I find very interesting. As an atheist scientist I look to our ancestral biology, and to the development of cultures, for clues as to how/why we behave as we do.

Greta Christina expresses many of these ideas very clearly. Shame about the audio buzz.

just jill said...

Okay, I got half way through, but now she's beginning to lose my interest.

Andy Holroyd said...

She does seem to lose momentum a bit when she moves on to talk about the spiritual/metaphysical side of relationships. But it's a difficult topic for a non-believer. I enjoyed hearing someone explore these ideas without being dry and factual, and without graphs and pie charts.