Saturday, 20 February 2010

Bearcam 2!

I just checked in again with Lily the Black Bear.

Lily was very active, snuffling round the opening with both her muzzle and claws. Baby was at first very noisy and demanding but then they both settled and baby began to make a contented rumble which sounded akin to a cat's purr. Soon after, the youngster kicked up a fuss again and Lily began to lick. The fuss and purring faded out into sleep and I was going to move on... Then I saw baby...

Look at the bottom, just left of centre, that's a paw and a little muzzle. Mum's face is higher up, sideways on and you can see her ear. I wish them both well.


dave hambidge said...

I've been checking every couple of days and watching the highlight clips there.

I'm still completely overawed by the fact that we in britland are watching events in USofA in real time, and such private previously unknown to most happenings.

I am old enough to recall when JFK was shot, we sat by the tele and radio for hours gleaning any updates we could.

And barely a generation later, we had those amazing videos from security cameras and mophones of the aircraft splashing into the Hudson of New York.

With all its risks, instant communication is powerful weapon!

Andy Holroyd said...

Times have changed indeed Dave. Back in the '80s one of my jobs was to search the Chemical Abstracts database which was in Columbus, Ohio. Janet was running in the UK but there was no internet, so I had to hop from one system to another to get to a machine in Germany where there was transatlantic link. It could sometimes take more than an hour.

Now you just type and it takes a second.