Saturday, 27 February 2010

What's in two names?

I seem to be nicking ideas getting inspired by others' posts just recently. Today it was Duncan at Madhatters who'd posted What’s in a Name? about the unfortunate names parents burden their children with. I love the idea of a Ray Gunn, and Joe King or Joe Kerr I'm sure will exist (but not Juan I hope).

It reminded me of the short sighted clergyman who asked "Is that Fanny Greene I see in the congregation?". The reply echoed "No vicar, it's just the way the light's shining through the stained glass window".

My mental butterfly flittered on, and I recalled following back research papers on haemoglobin to the unlikely conjunction of Huisman and Dozy (I always wondered who did the thinking and who did the lab work on that team).

And that got me thinking about different name pairings and what they shouldn't be doing for a living, if they exist of course.

For instance:

Jackson and Pollock - interior decorators

Dyer and Dryer - ladies hairstylists

Filler and Pullman - dentists

Cooper and Fowler - chicken farmers

What else can we come up with... ?


NobblySan said...

Fiddler and Leake - Roofing contractors.

dave hambidge said...

Bodgit and Scarper... repair tradesmen

NobblySan said...

Blair and Bush - statesmen

Andy Holroyd said...

Cheers guys!

I was just thinking

Oiler and Slapett - discrete personal massage

NobblySan said...

Or the old one that my mate and myself used to call ourselves in the pub quiz in The Black Horse in Denshaw, Saddleworth...

"Norfolk and Chance"

The question master always used to call us Chance and Norfolk over the microphone.... funny that.

Andy Holroyd said...

I can't do with Saddleworth moor. Kids under your feet everywhere.

Anonymous said...

Duncan, Baker, and Fryer - Donut shop

Andy Holroyd said...

Nice one thestuffinbetween, thanks for calling by.