Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Late afternoon music

One of my favourite classical pieces.

Beethoven - 6th Symphony - Pastoral


dave hambidge said...

Oh Andy, what a smashing find! The music is so evocative and the compiler of this video, Steve Brennan has been inspired to link some very inspired photos of his own from Canada.

A beautiful composition, thankyou again.

NobblySan said...

Ludwig was a bit of a lad when it came to bashing out a nice tune.

I'd never been a huge fan until seeing the Halle perform his ninth at the old (and sadly missed) Free Trade Hall in Manchester, years ago.

But the sixth has always been my favourite.

Andy Holroyd said...

Dave, I was buzzing around the house with the volume whacked up so I missed most of the photos. I'll have to play it again.

Nobbly, seeing the Halle do the 9th must have been quite an experience. I love 'Ode to Joy' too.

Katherine said...

My favourite composer. Streets ahead of the rest.

And a HUGE thank you for all the blogging information Andy. Thank you for setting it all out so clearly.

Andy Holroyd said...

You're most welcome Katherine.