Sunday, 7 February 2010

A thought for a Sunday

"My definition of an intellectual is someone who can listen to the William Tell Overture without thinking of the Lone Ranger".

William Connolly, Jr. (b. 1942)

Bonus thought from the Big Yin:

"If Jesus was a Jew, how come he has a Mexican first name?"


dave hambidge said...

Big Yin is one of my all time favourite communicators or aka comedians. I've never seen him live sadly.

Do you recall the Parkinson chat show where Parky said one line and Billy launched into an enthraling monologue that left Parky in tears?

Andy Holroyd said...

Was that on Parky's last show?

See Part 1, Part 2

Thanks for the reminder Dave. I love Big Yin, but I've never seen him live either.

Laura said...

Great quote as always.. and a big chuckle as I'd kinda forgotten all about The Lone Ranger

dave hambidge said...

Tahnks for the links Andy, we just had half an hour of happy chuckling here!