Friday, 30 January 2009

This is what we don't want

I've kept quiet during the rows about the atheist bus adverts. Mainly because I haven’t a clue what they should say. I suppose 'There's probably no God' is as good as anything though it's obviously a horse designed by a camel, or whatever the saying is. But the above billboard is out of order.

As an atheist with a life-long interest in evolutionary biology I do not 'Praise Darwin'. I admire and appreciate his insight and find it a useful tool to further my own understanding, and Darwin's voyage is interesting history, but I find nothing to venerate. Others, as we know, would have come to the same conclusions. If not Darwin then Wallace, or someone else. That is because observations about the real world can be substantiated by observation. Eventually the penny drops.

Nothing to praise, and what does "Evolve Beyond Belief" mean?
Thanks to Sandwalk.

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