Monday, 12 January 2009

Deserted Island Discs

I was sat at the bar earlier with my offline commenter when the question arose:

If you could just have one music album to listen to for the next eternity, what would you choose?
One or two of the obvious came out between us.
Pink Floyd, Dark Side of the Moon (coming soon to a blog near you) and Echoes.

The Beatles, Sgt Pepper's

And many others. But for me, in this battle, there can be only one. Explore my weird bits below the belt.

Before I get to my final choice I would like to mention a couple more LPs which have been friends for years. Again there are many others but ... here you go!

Grateful Dead - From The Mars Hotel.
Here's a taster, Scarlet Begonias:

James - Laid. Pure poetry.
James - Sometimes

But of course I have to choose The Incredible String Band's epic U. There's enough in there to keep a psychology department in work for years. I've posted this track before but it's worth a reprise, it's second on the compilation:
The Juggler's Song

Just to give a feel for the 'originality of the music', here's the opening track of the album:
El Wool Suite - Incredible String Band (1970)

OK! I'm odd. So what would be your choice?

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