Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Equality means being equal

A couple of days ago was International Women’s Day which was widely celebrated hereabouts.

I had never heard of this before, but it seems a cause I can fully support, so in the true gentlemanly tradition of making amends (next time, tell me beforehand) and in belated recognition of the day (hope it went well ladies) here is the courageous Wafa Sultan speaking on the dangers of Sharia law.

Wafa Sultan on Sharia

Wafa says she has a petition, but the clip is a couple of years old and I can't find it. I have signed similar things before though.


Katherine said...

You're forgiven :-)

dave hambidge said...

Fortunately my take on the matter did not attract the vituperation that others did!

Laura said...

Thanks for the link. The fact that this day is not widely publicized in US or Britain means there is still much work to do. But, it's the small steps like yours and Dave's, and others that helps to open eyes.

Dave: do you refer to the conversation on my post? (I've yet to view Andy's video.. busy schedule at the moment.)

Andy Holroyd said...

We won't change the world overnight. But between us all, we can make a difference.