Monday, 15 March 2010

Ah, memories

After posting about tumblers and jugglers the other day I found this video and went "Ooh ooh - I know there".

Unicycling Down 50 Stairs - University of Leeds [0:31]

See the wiggly bench at the start? I often used to sit around there for a coffee and a smoke. The Faculty of Biology, where I worked for years, is off picture to the right. The skateboard park is just up the road at Hyde Park (that's Hyde Park in Leeds, not London) and other shots are round about the Student Union.

The yellow staircase I know well, Maths is to the left, Physics and the Computing Service to the right. The main library is at the top and then the university's main entrance. I have walked up and down there many times. Often to nip over the road and get a sandwich for lunch, but once to meet a certain NobblySan!

Here's more of the unicycle guy, similar places but some shots near the infirmary.



Duncanr said...

Would love to have seen Nobbly try that !!!

Andy Holroyd said...

Nobbly would be fine, after all he doesn't have far to fall.

Laura said...

That's pretty cool.. the cycling and the fact that I can now place you in a place and time!

Would you two boys quit picking on your younger, littler brother!!!

Andy Holroyd said...

OK mum!

NobblySan said...

Yeah...leave me alone.

NobblySan said...

I've only ever visited Leeds uni twice, but have already been upa nd down those damn steps a few times.

Not on a unicycle, I hasten to add.

No1 son can do the old unicycling bit...he may well have tried it - if he had a unicycle, and happened to be in Leeds.