Thursday, 11 June 2009

Another brain teaser

I enjoyed the maths problem last week, it's good to keep practising these skills. Here's another little teaser to confuse and amuse.

Two friends meet and part of their conversation goes like this:

John: "I can't remember how old your three children are Jane."
Jane: "Well, the product of their ages is 36."

John: "I still can't think what their ages are."
Jane: "The sum of their ages is the same as your house number."

John: "I'm still not sure"
Jane: "The oldest one has red hair."

John: "Ah, of course. Now I know."

How old are Jane's children?
Answer tomorrow.


Randomfish said...

I love this puzzle. It has that perfect blend of 'that's not fair!' combined with the bl**dy obvious. Admittedly, I needed a small clue when I did it - but only just one of the many factors (ahem) I needed to solve it. ;-)

BTW - My favourite 'maths joke' is
"There are 10 types of people in the world - One who understands binary notation and the other who doesn't."

yorksnbeans said...

I'm feeling a bit simple. Thanks.

Duncanr said...

I hate these sort of things

Gggrrrrr !!!

Duncanr said...

goes without saying I haven't a bloody clue what the answer is

Andy Holroyd said...

@Randomfish - that's one of my faves too. And I used to know a guy who could add up in hexadecimal, in his head! (he also wrote Leeds/Bradford airport for Microsoft Flight Sim)

@yorksnbeans - you are not simple. Folks have different abilities and different insights, I can't draw or paint for instance. These differences are what make us all so interesting.

@Duncanr - Do you have any heavy, steel toe-caped boots to kick yourself with when you see the answer?

Duncanr said...

Got a new pair of steel toe-capped safety boots at work the other day that I'm still breaking in.

Just the thing for kicking your arse when you reveal the answer and I feel like a total dork !!!

Andy Holroyd said...

Oh yes please duncanr, have you got a traffic warden's uniform too?