Saturday, 5 September 2009

The times they are a changing

Some folks may have noticed that I've been a bit quiet recently. There has been a lot on my mind, much thinking and planning. I have heard a wind blowing for a long time, and I listened to it's whispers. It has given good advice. Times for me are going to change. Don't worry, it's nothing bad. I welcome this as a rare opportunity.

I am going to take voluntary redundancy from work, and retire.

Scorpions - Wind Of Change

There are many reasons for my decision. The Faculty of Biology at Leeds Uni is in serious debt, over six million pounds and set to rise to twenty million over the next few years. Even though I have been assured my job is safe, it would change beyond recognition in the restructuring and I will not be a pawn, a bargaining chip, between different departments. Finance/purchasing apparently want me. They can fuck themselves.

I worked for more than 30 years in biochemical research before moving into IT, mainly because my heart and my interests drew me there but also because of the sit down nature of the job. My health has been in decline over the last 6 to 8 years and has plummeted over the last 9 months. Why stick it out only to be in a position I don't want and still face possible compulsory redundancy in the near future?

Everyone I have spoken to (unofficially) tells me I would be crazy not to accept the generous payout, officially of course it is up to me to decide. I have decided. I intend to enjoy whatever time I have left. Look for me: you will find me in my garden or in the kitchen, cooking and making homebrew from the fruits and flowers of the local fields and hedgerows. At last I may have time to fully explore this 'music' thing which has obsessed me all my life.

I finish work at the end of October. It will be with a heavy heart for good times past, a sigh, a smile and then WOOHOO!!!!!


delicate flower said...

Well, the times are a changing.. my change was simply pseudo-announcement! Yours is quite a bit of news.. But think about all the possibilities! Very cool.
I'll be watching and listening

NobblySan said...

Go for it Andy, and all the best.

I'll be visiting Leeds uni on Thursday (my daughter is attending an open day, as she's thinking of studying psychology there).

I'll gladly buy you a brew if you wish, or have the opportunity.

Duncanr said...

Sorry to hear you have health issues, Dave.

My very best wishes for the future, and a bit of advice too - if you do meet up with Nobbly on Thursday, make sure the crafty wee bugger doesn't slip off to the loo when it's his turn to buy a round !

Duncanr said...

Oops, - shouldn't try replying to emails and posting on blogs at the same time !!!

Sorry, - Dave = Andy (so much for me trying to multitask !)

Andy Holroyd said...

@ DF: the possibilities yes, but I want to go back as much as go forward. I used to have a garden full of fruit and veg, I want to do that again.

@ Dave, err, Duncan: shhh, that's my plan.

@ Nobbly: I'd love to meet up. Problem is this Thursday is my fortnightly nurse's appointment (no giggling), I'll give them a ring in the morning to see if I can rearrange it. What time might you be free? Lunchtime, afternoon?

Keep in touch here, we'll sort something out.

Duncanr said...

Nobbly - if you do meet up with Andy on Thursday can you buy him a pint of proper ale and a double whisky from me (I'll give you the money later !)

Andy Holroyd said...

Well Nobbly, I have been phoning my doctor's surgery all day and finally got through at 10 to 5 just before my home time. What you are supposed to do in a real emergency I do not know.

So, I'm re-jigged with the nurse and I can be free from about 12:30 or 1pm (ish) onwards on Thursday. If you have a slot in your itinerary and want a good laugh, leave a comment here and we'll sort it out.

<50 dancing smileys, with glitter>.

Mark said...

That can`t have been an easy decision to come to.
I know you`ll find lots to fill your time though.
Speak soon

Andy Holroyd said...

Thanks Mark. I just had a long talk with your mum, and she can tell the tale as you know. Good luck with your new contract.

Jackie said...

What's this 'i can tell a tale', you cheeky monkey. all i will say is, i hope i get an invite when the homemade wine is ready and a VIP ticket when you are playing at the Manchester Arena . I know you have done the right thing retiring so just enjoy, you know you are my favourite brother. X