Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Late night music - Beth Orton

I love this song, it resonates with me somehow. The original (and best) version is here:

Beth Orton - Stolen Car

but it's embed disabled. Click the link or watch her live at Glastonbury; where she makes a big booboo in the middle :)

Beth Orton - Stolen Car live @ Glastonbury '99


Sweats Model said...

Oh, I *adore* her. "The Sweetest Decline" is one of my favorites.

delicate flower said...

I'd heard Beth Orton and forgot about her.. thanks for the reminder. I listened to your fav and Sweats'.. may need to add her to my iTunes.

First time I heard her I thought I was listening to Natalie Merchant

Andy Holroyd said...

Central reservation is a classic album IMHO and Beth is well worth being on our playlists.

NobblySan said...

Nobbly displays his ignorance!!

Although the name was familair, I'd never heard any Beth Orton.

I'll remedy it now I've heard that, though.

I've just bashed her name into 'Spotify' and the biography section informs me that she was co-writer and female vocals on William Orbit's fantastic 'Water from vine leaf'...well I never!

Andy Holroyd said...

Yeah Nobbly, it seems William Orbit gave her her first big break. She worked with the Chemical Brothers too.