Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Let It Snow

Well I've had another ace weekend... It rained, the beer was crap and now I've got a cold.

But it was fantabulous!!! On Sunday we were at a charity gala day and we were playing late evening, outside, on Simon's mobile stage again. There were tombolas and raffles, bouncy castles for the kids and good food and everything: even a shove ha'penny stall for bottles of wine (shove pound coin really). A day full of fun, music and the utter enthusiasm of Yorkshirefolk. "It's nowt but a bit 'o rain". I love the spirit of the people where I live. Unstoppable!

The charity we were all supporting is brilliant. Let It Snow (let-it-snow.org.uk), it could have been 'let it rain' given the downpour today :)

What does Let It Snow do? Well, proper winter in my part of Yorkshire is not so deep and cold as I remember from my own childhood. It's more damp and miserable than crystal cold frost and two feet of snow. So the charity takes the snow to the kids, tons and tons of it, to make chutes and slides and snowmen and igloos and have snowball fights and everything else, and there's a visit from Santa.

It's all for children in hospices, when they may never see a true winter or even see the next spring. I'm proud to be able to contribute in my humble way.

Bonus: I am usually the last to get photos and stuff from when the band plays, but not this time. My good friend 'The Gypsy' videoed our set, and I've just done a rough edit. I can't get the aspect ratio right though, YouTube squashes us, but ne'er mind.

ABandinurHead - Honkey Tonk Women - with umbrellas


yorksnbeans said...

Oh darn! It won't stream for me! That's great that you had such a fun weekend and all for such a nice charity.

Duncanr said...

how come you're always lurking at the back ?

yorksnbeans said...

Today, it did stream. Very nice! Now, please fill me in so I don't have to go searching past blogs. Are you one of the guys playing in the band? For some reason, I thought you were a sound and lighting person.

Andy Holroyd said...

Y&Bs, glad it's working. It took half the day to edit out two and a half minutes of video and upload it to YouTube.

I'm the bass player, left of the screen, 'lurking at the back' as Duncan notes. I like that spot for many reasons; mainly because there are a lot of unspoken cues between drums and me. Plus I can see the others from back, especially lead vocal. Again more cues, got to watch that fickle bastard.

I'll be posting more when I get over this darned cold. I feel yuck!

NobblySan said...

A bottle of scotch and a few early nights should see it off, Andy.

RBH said...

I dimly remember playing guitar (a Gretsch Country Gentleman, for the aficionados) in a similar ensemble back in the early 1960s. We didn't have the Stones to cover, but we had a lot of Ventures and the like. I think that's when my high frequency hearing started to go. :)

Andy Holroyd said...

Thanks Nobbly, remarkably similar to my plan.

RBH, Gretsch made some nice instruments, do you still have it? It would be worth a bit. I daren't have my bass valued (a Gibson Les Paul Signature). I think I would faint given the substantial offers I've had.

RBH said...

Unfortunately I don't still have it. I got married in 1966, sold my guitar and motorcycle, and went straight. I saw one advertised for over $2,500 a while back and shed a tear. :(