Friday, 11 September 2009

Classic comedy - Tommy Cooper

Have a laugh with me to a master comedian and skilled magician, Tommy Cooper.

Tommy Cooper - Spoon / Jar

More magic below the belt.

Tommy Cooper "Magic Cloak"

Tommy Cooper - slow motion

Tommy Cooper - The "Hats" Sketch


NobblySan said...

First Billy Connolly, now the master himself - you're spoiling us.

Duncanr said...

Always made me laugh - still does !

Andy Holroyd said...

Every year, at about this time, I suffer an influx of spiders. The big, long legged, ones which patrol the walls and run across the carpet (wolf spiders).

We were sat at home last night and I saw a particularly large one, which I mentioned to my friend 'the Gypsy'.

He said "no worries, got a jar". I quipped "spoon jar - jar spoon". With a shrug the Gypsy rebounded "not like that - like that". The next hour was pure YouTube, I posted the gist of it above, and the spider buggered of to wherever spiders go.