Monday, 17 August 2009

Well that was a surprise!

I just phoned Virgin Media (queued about 3 mins) to make some changes to my phone account. I had two phone lines to the house, which I got as a cheap package once (but times change). Anyway, I never use one of them, so the time came for it to go. A very helpful young lady sorted out a new tariff for me and then I asked about upgrading my (sluggish) internet connection. "One moment", she said - background music - "OK, we can upgrade you to 10Mbps for... Oooh! It's 99p a month cheaper than you pay now".

Within a minute of saying yes and putting down the phone my firewall reported 'New Network Detected', I clicked 'Internet Zone' and it worked. Impressive!

Now I'm making toast on a red hot cable modem and wondering what to use the bandwidth for. Any good suggestions? I'm sure I can find something :)

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