Sunday, 2 August 2009

A thought for a Sunday

"Not everything goes as you may wish. But if all things did, life would be unbelievably boring".

John Andrew Holroyd (1955 -)


Duncanr said...

Hhmm !

John Andrew Holroyd (?)

Any relation?

Andy Holroyd said...

John Andrew Holroyd

That's me :)

Andy Holroyd said...

Clifford and Muriel's son.

delicate flower said...

of course, Muriel.. knew her well...
Is this quote a reflection on the weekend's musical event?

Andy Holroyd said...

You knew my mum df! Wow, small world.

It is a comment on the weekend, and I've finally got my head back together enough to write a proper post:

Our night out with the Army