Friday, 21 August 2009

The Edgar Broughton Band

If I came into your city
hung up on a game,
would you give me your assistance
though you didn't know my name?
Edgar Broughton Band - 'Hotel Room' - 1971 45rpm


John Garghan said...

Edgar used to visit his mum round the corner from were i lived. used to see his van parked outside on my way home from school (in the early 60s) memories

Andy Holroyd said...

Nice one John, and hi!

I too once met their mum, or someone who claimed to be. We were walking to a festival near Buxton in the early 70s.

For some reason, an older couple called us over to their camper van at the side of the road. The guy said little but the woman was thrilled when we said we were going to see EBB. Calling Edgar, Robert, she made us tea and biscuits and told stories of the band and Robert's love of motorcycles.

I’ve never known if she was genuine or not, but it was a nice thing to do for two footsore teenage lads. Happy days.