Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Which Pope Am I?

Or rather, which Pope might you be?

"Have you ever laid in bed at night wondering how you'd run the Catholic Church? Or do you have genuine ambitions of taking over in Vatican City? If so, you ought to try Which Pope Am I?, our all-new Papal personality test devised by Christina Martin..."

Take the test. It turns out that I am:
" amalgamation of those pesky anti-Popes Clement VII and Benedict XIII."
Oh well, at least I have the beard to be Clement VII - given a trim and a dab of Grecian 2000!
Via Pharyngula and New Humanist.


Duncanr said...

Oh dear

Were you supposed to answer these questions seriously?

Apparently I am -

. . . a heady mix of the most evil Popes – Paul III, Benedict IX, Urban II and "Hitler’s Pope" Pius XII

P.S. Great post, Andy (wish I'd found it 1st)

yorksnbeans said...

first of all before I get into the pope survey, I noticed you are from Yorkshire, my hubby's from N.Yorkshire (now in the states) LOVE IT THERE!! :-)

BTW...I found you through Duncan!

yorksnbeans said...

I think I broke the computer since I'm a Jewish woman. :-)

Andy Holroyd said...

I tried to answer it seriously Duncan but I bet it's all down to your choice of ice cream!

And yorksnbeans, howdy and welcome. I'm in W. Yorkshire (nr Leeds) and all 6 houses I've ever lived in are within a 5 min walk. I LOVE IT TOO!

yorksnbeans said...

my hubby's favorite team!! although he always tells me how poorly they're doing!

Anonymous said...

an amalgamation of clement and benedict over here (Duncan sent me)

Andy Holroyd said...

Nursemyra you are like myself, Clement and Benedict. Now, do you personally favour sexually dimorphic hirsuteness (like Pope Clement and myself) or do you shave as is a common custom so I am told?

Thousands of readers would love to know.
(There's also this waxing thing but it sounds too much like Pope Benedict's acolytes tipping over the altar step with a candle.)