Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Chicken Town? When I heard it originally it was...

...'fucking' all the way through. Wasn't it? That's how I do it anyway! I used to have it rehearsed up as a "party piece" :)

Like this - Chicken Town.

Thanks to The Madhatters for again jiggling my grey bits and reminding me of John Cooper Clarke:

John Cooper Clarke - Chicken Town

But I done it slower, and with arm waving, and in a Yorkshire accent, and many f-words, and...

Maybe this is why the band never let me attempt 'Chicken Town' on stage. Hmmm, they've always told me it's because "it's a private function, there may be youngsters there", or "it's the middle of the afternoon man, we're playing outside", or "it's for charity", etc.

And I thought the deal was: 'we do Cocaine every night'.


NobblySan said...

I used to know 'Kung fu international' and 'Monster from outer space' off by heart. They always got a laugh in the pub.

JCC was a star, and made poetry acceptable during the days of punk - no mean feat!

Andy Holroyd said...

I like Twat as well.