Thursday, 21 May 2009

Sir Ranulph Fiennes on top of the world

Veteran explorer Ranulph Fiennes has succeeded in conquering Mount Everest at his third attempt.

Despite suffering a heart attack on his first attempt in 2005 and being defeated by exhaustion last year, sheer determination has taken him to the summit. His expedition has been raising money for the charity Marie Curie Cancer Care.

A remarkable achievement by a remarkable man.


Oman said...

Ranulph Fiennes came to Oman a few years ago as the speaker for a meeting I was at; very impressive and the determination was tangible – congratulations to him

Andy Holroyd said...

Hi Oman
With all the amazing things he has done I bet he has some great stories to tell.

oman said...

He must have lived a fuller life than most people – typical British understatement in his talk but you could sense that he would do anything to achieve his goal and the stories - well lets say he has written more than one book :)