Wednesday, 22 April 2009

What ?

From the BBC budget report:

• Alcohol taxes to go up 2% from midnight - putting the price of the average pint up 1p

Don't worry, I'll be doing my bit for our National economy.

If only Brown and his Darling would do the same.


NobblySan said...

According to the obligatory budget calculator on the BBc site, I'm going to be £280 better off next year as aresult of this bit of political jiggery-pokery.

Do I believe it?

Do I bollocks!

It's enough to drive you to drink....

Andy Holroyd said...

You lucky git!

If I stop smoking (I'm trying), start making homebrew again and walk everywhere I would be £118.80 better off.

As it is I'll just about break even.