Monday, 20 April 2009

Over at the Madhouse!

Oops sorry, Madhatters, they seem to have been drinking the tea again.

I warned Alice last time I saw her, "don't leave your mushroom stash in the teapot!" but she did... Dormouse & Mushroom tea is the special-extra-reserve.

So what is on the table?

Monetary problems - the female will always know exactly what you have, and more, with or without 'agreements'.

A nuclear strike on Cheltenham - actually, kinda makes sense. It needs one.

An attempt to kill a plum tree fails! - Now it's next spring. And of all the other seasons, it just chooses this one to re-sprout! Good, well done. Plum and apple wine is a nice homebrew.

Pacman attacks a supermarket - includes ghosts.

Bohemian Rhapsody - performed by ancient computer equipment.

A video about farting - where you have to read the comments to find the link due to problems 'embedding'. Alice would be shocked...

There's other stuff about torture and chatting, as normal. So anyway grab a seat and enjoy the tea.


NobblySan said...

Thanks for the advert Andy!

I would buy you a pint, but you must be all of ...oooh... 30 miles away.


Andy Holroyd said...

After today's budget, the petrol and beer taxes would make it an expensive pint!

...I might open a PayPal account though :)