Wednesday, 1 April 2009

A round-up of today's breaking news

Hot off the presses from around the blogosphere:

Highly Allochthonous reports on a Precambrian fossil find which will overthrow the science of evolutionary biology (however, evolution has been disproven before).

There's a new iPhone application which allows users to share contact details with a bump, and an investigation of the inverse square law from Cosmic Variance.

The Freethinker reveals the devastating news of the religious conversion of both Richard Dawkins and Christopher Hitchens. Shame on those two - I passed the pickle test some time ago.

Universe Today informs us that NASA could be fined under wildlife protection law, and describes the recent observation of a new class of linear galaxy clusters.

NASA is again in the news with this photograph of an upgraded space helmet, the HEAD 9000.

Bug Girl describes new work on hair-growth promotion using beetle extracts.

Finally, via Sandwalk, comes the announcement of the Nobel Prize in Biochemistry for 2009. Here is a breakdown of Behe's work into the snare complex of Mus musculus.

Finally-finally, Phil Plait writes at skepticblog on the doomed nature of science education in Texas. No, wait - that's for real???

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