Tuesday, 24 March 2009

How is this for stupid?

On the first day:
I go for a quiet beer at teatime...

Earlier in the day, the Landlord of my local went to the nearby Screwfix store for two of those stickers to grace his emergency doors. All as per regulations and law (but I must say that there are occasions when I have performed this action repeatedly and still not got the reward!).

However, the store was out of stock and only had one of these stickers. Arrangements were made to deliver the second one on the following day.

When asked how he would transport the single sticker, and if packaging was needed, said Landlord rolled up the sticker, pushed it in a pocket and mounted his (rather cool) motorbike to go back home.

On the second day:
I go for a quiet beer at teatime and end up in a photoshoot...

There was a delivery as promised, by the couriers DHL.
It's so big I have to put it below the belt. And I am not talking about my Darwinesque beard. Photo alert!!!!

Here is the sticker:

And here is the box it came in, no joking:

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