Monday, 23 March 2009

Gullibility as a human trait?

I just watched some great videos of chimpanzees over at Afarensis, take time to watch them all too. Myself, I am amazed at chimps' intelligence and resourcefulness though I maybe should not be given our shared heritage. There are times, however when the difference between us is clearly demonstrated.

Chimpanzee vs. Human child learning (1/2)

Update: Oops, accidentally posted part (2/2) - got it right now. Both are worth seeing though.


Reasonable Robinson said...

There is a debate whether there is a Gullibility gene. Most social psychologists claim it doesn't exist because of what is called the Fundamental Attribution Error, i.e. we mistakenly blame people's traits rather than the situation they are in for their gullible behaviour. Most people who are 'gulled' have been set up by the 'guller' and it is not their fault. :) RR

Andy Holroyd said...

True enough, a con is a con and many of us can be sucked in by a situation.

Regarding the video, I'd like to know if any of the children worked out the trick after a few goes. Give them a box, leave them alone and I bet they'd soon realise the tapping/pushing doesn't create a sweet. Then give them a loaded box, what would the kid do?