Friday, 20 March 2009

Here comes Spring!

Happy vernal equinox. From now till October, the days will be longer than the nights. Phew! We've had a few warm sunny days here in West Yorkshire though early morning mists, or just being in the shade, can still make it feel cold.

Pollen is in the air, so the hay-fever sufferers tell me. I've seen queen bumblebees flying, presumably looking for nest sites, and one of my (two) cats brought in the hind leg of a young rabbit. Left by their food bowls it was clearly a 'share' gesture. That's the first rabbit kill this year, there will be many more.

Anyway, Spring is sprung and a young man's fancy turns to lust (or something like that, I forget), so here's an introductory lecture into the nature of sex. Professor Robert Sapolsky explains the ins and outs of sexual reproduction.

Note: it's a long video [1h 40m] but interesting, funny and very educational. Make time and listen, you will be entertained. Highly recommended.

Prof. Robert Sapolsky on the Neurobiology of Primate Sexuality: Part 1

There's a part 2 but I've still to see it I just saw it and I guess Prof. Sapolsky will does enthuse in the same way.
Many thanks to Bayblab for the link.

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