Friday, 13 March 2009

A great way to teach science

Thanks to GrrlScientist for this video link. OK, sometimes doing real science can be boring drudgery, but when you are young it should be gob-smacking and amazing and... FUN!

As you grow up in science you realise that you have to do the repetitive stuff to gather raw data. Then you can have fun! Playing with your own original observations and maybe learning something new about the world.

Getting older, if you are lucky, you can employ others to do the spade work. You still get to see all the results and hopefully, guiding by your own experience, you can pass on your youthful exuberance to new generations. Or with the right idea, your own or someone else's, explore a bright new horizon.

Older still and you just fly round the world eating lavish conference dinners, so I am told!

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