Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Shadows of Martian Curiosity


Curiosity stands in Gale crater, looking forwards to the east-southeast, in the late afternoon. The long shadow of Curiosity reaches out towards the mountains some 6km away (it may be further). Is this the central peak of the crater? I'm not sure but possibly not. If it's a foohill what will Mount Sharp look like?

This still just a low res hazcam, though a front one this time, with the original fisheye view  stretched out to look normal. The mast with the hi res cameras will be deployed tomorrow, also the High Gain Antenna has been deployed to give a direct link to Earth. It's working, but full speed comms won't come through till later. Data rates from MRO and Odyssey relays are to be increased so final data speeds will go up about 5x, maybe even to megabits/s ie slow broadband speeds in bursts. Stand by to be really amazed.


duncanr said...

Great pic !

So too is this one - (camera rotated 180 deg from 1st shot)



Andy Holroyd said...

OMG it's the Chinese !