Thursday, 15 July 2010

Not much provokes me...

But this does.

I find all religion to be a trivial, disgusting or violent parody of reality; but too often these days those people who carry this cultural disease cause harm to the non-infected.

It seems that a young air traffic controller (a good profession which implies a certain level of intelligence), who came from a Moslem background in the Maldives, was driven to suicide after being rejected by his society, friends and family for coming out as an atheist.

His name was Ismail Mohamed Didi and he was just 25 years old. It is alleged that "Ismail had refused to follow religious sermons". In emails Ismail said “[I] foolishly admitted my stance on religion” to workmates, and then:

“A lot of my close friends and girlfriend have been prohibited from seeing me by their parents. I have even received a couple of anonymous phone calls threatening violence if I do not repent and start practising Islam”

But he was true to what he felt:

“I cannot bring myself to pretend to be I am something I am not, as I am a staunch believer in human rights. I am afraid for my life here and know no one inside the country who can help me.”

If there were a God and prayer worked, this young man would have mine tonight.

Sources: The Freethinker and Minivan News


dave hambidge said...

Poor brave bastard...

NobblySan said...

Very moving, Andy.

Nothing about the sheer lunacy of religious belief can shock me any more, but some things can still almost move me to tears, as this damn near did.

Humans can be a vicious lot at times.

Andy Holroyd said...

Forcing people to hold a belief against their will is evil!

I know many religious people, one couple in particular, and I will question their faith, or point out what I find to be errors or inconsistencies, but we will never fall out about it. Violence is unthinkable over something so trivial.

Each individual comes to an understanding of reality in their own way, and should be free to do so.