Friday, 30 July 2010

I'm just taking a break...

...from playing bass guitar. We've a series of gigs over the next couple of months, and more in the pipeline, so I've been practicing a lot over the last few days. Right now my fingers hurt so I'm typing gently.

Got to get my stamina (staying power?) up to scratch, the last thing I want is for my hands to cramp up on stage. I don't use a plectrum, just my digits, and some songs are a relentless top-speed thrash! I love it but the 6 fingers I use to play (4 left hand, 2 right) are growing thick calluses. Not like the old days when I had to trim my finger-ends with a razor blade, but enough so I notice a diminished sense of touch. It's strange what we do to ourselves for fun!

What am I learning? I'll post them here, mainly for myself so I can easily fire them up and play along. This is why my fingers hurt:

Joey Ramone - What A Wonderful World

Quiet Riot - Cum On Feel The Noize

Bad Company "Can't Get Enough" Live 1974


Duncanr said...

the video doesn't do them justice, but I loved Bad Company.

Most L.Ps contain a few good songs and the rest of the numbers are just fillers, but I loved every single track on my Bad Company LP. There was not a single duff song on it !!!

Andy Holroyd said...

You are right Duncan the video is crap and does not do them justice. BC came from good stock and kicked ass.

I posted that recording because the bassline has a few licks which are not in the studio version, but I'm playing it my own way now anyway!