Thursday, 15 April 2010

What a day it has been

Much of western Europe has had to close airspace because of volcanic dust from Iceland. I do not belittle this event. It serves as a reminder that the Earth is much bigger than we are.

Tonight we get the first ever live debate between the main contenders for prime ministerial office in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. This will probably have one of the highest viewing figures ever recorded in the UK, for about 15-30 minutes. I am listening on the radio rather than viewing so I can do something else at the same time - blog and then probably fall asleep.

The British Chiropractic Association has dropped it's libel case against Simon Singh. That's good, a courtroom is not the place to decide scientific validity. Now the BCA should continue and provide a scientific reasoning for the treatments they practice. Otherwise it's still "bogus".

Then the best thing of all today. I just discovered The Merseyside Skeptics Society. And they have a podcast, and it's spot on! Even better is their spoof panel game InKredulous where they take "a satirical look at science and pseudoscience news".

Not a bad day after all :)


dave hambidge said...

I managed a blood test at hospital, narrowly avoided being side-swipped by some arsehole in another car, shopped at a new butchers, calmed a raging neighbour with a large slug of gin and watched a good period costume drama off DVD; yep not bad for an old fart!

Andy Holroyd said...

A busy day Dave, how was the new butchers? I could just eat a pork pie with HP sauce!

dave hambidge said...

He did his own pie but I was under orders to get redmeatsvarious; steak and own bangers delicious, bacon a tadge salty; will go there again (and maybe sneak a pie?)

Andy Holroyd said...

My local butcher does excellent pork pies, and other cooked stuff. Their meat is a high standard too but for the best sausages I nip a couple of miles across the valley.

The local guys sell fresh baked teacakes too, so their cooked meat sandwiches are a perfect lunch. I had one today; boiled ham, cut from the joint as we chatted, with English mustard (Coleman's). £1.35, Yum!