Friday, 29 January 2010

Late night music - John Mayall

Many of the greats owe their careers to this man, not least Erc Claptop (see below), and blues was reformed and changed. John Mayall celebrated his 70th birthday by "playing the blues". How else?

John Mayall - Dirty Water. [8:02]

Earlier, when I was hastily typing, I misspelled Eric Clapton. Sorry Eric 'coz you were at the same party...

John mayall 70th birthday with eric clapton & The Bluesbreakers I'm Tore Down [5:23]

I love the simple bass line here and I can play it, it's easy. But after 5 mins every muscle in my arms would be aching from fingertip to shoulder. Bring it on!


Duncanr said...

70 ???

Jeez, he looks better than I do !!!

Duncanr said...

P.S.. What a man - bloody brilliant !!!

Andy Holroyd said...

He has matured rather well. That concert was from 2003 and he is still going strong. He's touring the States, Australia and New Zealand this spring.

midliferocker said...

Just interviewed John Mayall a couple weeks ago about his life and career. An amazing guy. The piece I wrote based on the interview is at my midliferocker blog. Click above!

Andy Holroyd said...

That's a nice little interview midliferocker, it must have been really interesting to talk to the guy.

I'll be visiting your blog again - Cheers.