Sunday, 17 January 2010

Johnny and the Bomb

A bit more Terry Pratchett...

My post on Why I just love the Internet seems to have stirred a bit of interest so into the melting pot I throw this story, which everyone should be able to view.

Johnny and the Bomb (Part 1 of 12)

Johnny and the Bomb (Part 2 of 12)

Johnny and the Bomb (Part 3 of 12)

I am sure we are all able to track down the other episodes.
Happy viewing to all!


Kai Roberts said...

Ah, good old BBC. I thought that was a much more satisfying production than those dismal Discworld adaptations Sky inflected upon us.

Andy Holroyd said...

To be honest, I quite liked Sky's Colour of Magic even though they made Twoflower an American. It can't be easy to stage something so complicated.

The BBC radio versions of Guards Guards and Mort are pretty good too.

Kai Roberts said...

Whilst the source material shone through, I found both of them oddly flat to be honest, despite the fine casts. And David Jason as Rincewind just didn't work for me at all.

Andy Holroyd said...

True Kai. I always picture Rincewind as more like Baldrick then Del Boy. Hogfather certainly didn't work for me, I got a bit bored which I never do reading Pratchett.