Friday, 29 January 2010

From the largest to the smallest

This seems to have been doing the rounds today but I will post it too. It's very clever.

Slide the slider to go from the largest things in the universe, or the 'estimated' universal scale itself, to the smallest. Atoms? Nah, keep going. Quarks? Nope, keep going down. And again. A bit more. Nearly. Nothing much here, down again. Ah, the Planck length, 1.616×10−35 meters, nothing any shorter than that makes sense. Head bump with reality.

Click the link below or the image, endure the advert, click 'play' and then slide.

The Scale of the Universe by Fotoshop


Katherine said...

Andy - this is AMAZING! Thanks for posting! I'm going to post and link back to you.

Andy Holroyd said...

Katherine, thank you. You are too kind.